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The new standard in water quality monitoring

RiverWatch provides a solution to New Zealand’s declining freshwater quality. delivering a compact, modular device with the latest in remote sensing technology

RiverWatch is equipped with unique probes, that measure water quality data, including pH, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen.

Traditional water sampling is time consuming, expensive and inaccurate. RiverWatch solves all these issues, giving you the power to assess water quality in real-time. For Companies, Consultants, Local Government and NGO’s who need the best quality real-time water sensors, RiverWatch is designed so that you can collect data individually or in entire system networks. Unlike other multi-probe sensors, RiverWatch is low-cost and robust, with wireless networked data collection for the next generation of water quality monitoring. RiverWatch is built in NZ and designed for NZ conditions. The base unit is constructed using quality components to withstand the challenging freshwater landscape. At one tenth the cost of current monitoring, RiverWatch offers an affordable, flexible and easily upgradable platform for freshwater monitoring. 

RiverWatch is backed by Callaghan Innovation and Foundation North. Winning the MYOB Head Start for Start-Ups Award 2018, WWF Conservation Innovation Awards 2016 &2017 and finalist in the 2017 Wellington Gold Awards. We are on a roll to succeed in our mission to make water quality sampling accessible and affordable to everyone.

our mission

to reverse the decline of freshwater Health in New Zealand by using advanced data communication and remote sensing

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About us

RiverWatch began back in 2010 with the award winning documentary River Dog. The success of the documentary was the impetus to explore more ways in which we could help reverse the decline of freshwater quality in New Zealand. In 2012 we set up our not-for-profit company Water Action Initiative New Zealand (WAI NZ).

The innovations and initiatives behind WAI NZ and RiverWatch come from South Wairarapa farmer Grant Muir and his son James Muir who both realised the lack of robust water quality data and the inadequacies of reporting on pollution incidents. 


Current Projects

Freshwater monitoring in New Zealand is very limited. Only 8% of 450,000km of rivers, lakes and streams are tested for water quality. This is because current testing practise is expensive and time consuming. RiverWatch water sensors can resolve these sampling gaps and create an accessible means of monitoring water quality.

Our operations continue to build on our design and sampling process. We are now planning our first major field trial of RiverWatch. With the support of the Gulf Innovation Fund we will be launching the worlds first catchment-wide real-time water quality monitoring study.