RiverWatch is the easy, smarter way to gather water quality data.

No more taking water samples back to a lab to test, giving you just a ‘snap-shot’ of water quality from that moment in time. RiverWatch enables you to monitor your water health in real-time. The robust device sits in the water, secured to the bank by a site specific anchor. RiverWatch’s hydrodynamic design allows it to operate in any river flow, from a trickle to a flood. We like to call it the RiverWatch Waka.

Each waka is equipped with five high-tech probes, measuring the key indicators for water health: temperature, pH, conductivity, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen. The data from these probes is then transmitted wirelessly, using the latest in IoT and satellite technology, straight to your smart phone, tablet or laptop. Applying algorithms, calculated by our team of freshwater scientists, the combined data is then converted into easy to understand information, visualising the health of your water. If there is an unusual spike in data, an alert is sent to your phone immediately, informing you of the problem, so you can act swiftly to pinpoint and remedy the cause.

RW new prototype.png

The devices can be used individually or set up as multi-waka networks, working together to give a comprehensive picture of your entire river, from mountain to sea. RiverWatch is smart, simple, and easy to use, giving everyone the power to understand the health of their waterways.Government, district and city councils, companies, farmers, iwi, community groups, and school students - we can all participate in kaitiakitanga (guardianship) for our precious waterways. And, at one tenth of the cost of current water quality testing, RiverWatch is an affordable, flexible, and easily upgradable solution for freshwater monitoring. Talk to us today about the different price options, and the tax deductible benefits.

RiverWatch - Water quality monitoring for the next generation.