November 2017 Update

Following on from the success of the RiverWatch Pledge Me crowd funding campaign (thank you all), we currently have the second version of RiverWatch in the Pahaoa river. Where it is gathering local water quality data and being tested for robustness, before we go into the next phase of development.

The next phase of development is to manufacture 10 RiverWatch’s (Version 3) for beta or pre-release testing. The units will be deployed in many different conditions, by several different organisations including regional councils, iwi, environmental groups, and industry. This will allow us to gather information about the RiverWatch and how it performs across a wide range of conditions with a wide range of people testing its ease of use.

The organisation’s experiences of using RiverWatch will be gathered and used to make final changes before RiverWatch goes into commercial production, and is released to the public. Our aim is to have the most technologically sound, user-friendly RiverWatch that all New Zealanders can access.

The RiverWatch was a finalist in the Wellington Gold Awards. This was highly beneficial as it helped us make many connections with industry and community.

The RiverWatch gathering water quality data in the Pahaoa River, Martinborough

Rory Harnden