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making sense of water quality

Measuring the health of rivers, lakes and streams is now achievable with RiverWatch

RiverWatch is the next generation of water quality monitoring, providing an easier, smarter way to gather water data.  An innovative, compact device, using the latest in remote sensing technology and IoT networks, delivering real time data straight to your phone. And with knowledge comes power, to make targeted changes to improve our country’s declining fresh water quality, for the future of our next generations.

Water is one of our most precious resources. We all have a responsibility to protect it, to practice kaitiakitanga, so we can all safely enjoy it. Join us, and be part of the solution, to restore our waterways to the clean, safe, and pure waters they once were.

our mission

to reverse the decline of freshwater Health by using advanced data communication and remote sensing to target restoration where it is most needed.

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our story

RiverWatch began back in 2010 with the award winning documentary River Dog. The success of the documentary was the impetus to explore more ways in which we could help reverse the decline of freshwater quality in New Zealand.

The innovations and initiatives behind WAI NZ and RiverWatch come from South Wairarapa farmer Grant Muir and his son James Muir who both realised the lack of robust water quality data and the inadequacies of reporting on water quality. 


Freshwater monitoring in New Zealand is very limited. Only 8% of 450,000km of rivers, lakes and streams are tested for water quality. RiverWatch water sensors can resolve these sampling gaps and create an accessible means of monitoring water quality.

We are now planning our first major field trial of RiverWatch. In 2019 we will be launching the worlds first catchment-wide real-time water quality monitoring study.